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Rate My Style

The Cummonity for rating style

A place to rate your style
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Welcome to Rate_my_style
A Wonderful Just made community were the Members Rate you by Style, personality, and looks.
We don't judge and we always try to find the good in people.
I am Currently looking for a good group of Mods to help run the site at the moment. Please contact Electricxmonkey (Wa) For more information.

The People that run this site
Ashley - Founder
Kay - Co-Founder
Ensetsu - Mod

Rules keep places like this running smoothly. By joining I am going to Assume you've read the rules. First violation will be a warning and a reminder to read these things. Second will be a permanent ban.
* Please respect other
* Just cause your a mod that does not give you ultimate power nor does it give you the wrote to power mod.
* you must be 13 to join
* You must fill out the application within a week of joining
* You must put a banner in your user info.
* Everything must be in a LJ cut
* Right now you only need five rating to get stamped cause we are new. Pretty soon you might need more
* You can apply more the once. Just in two weeks incriments
* I'll think of more soon.

Coming soon